Happy December and Merry Christmas!!

At Rusty gate tree Farm to cut down that most important of Christmas symbols.

Here we go!

Gracie places her favorite ornament--Noah's ark.

Gemma places the angel.

The Miller Family Christmas tree--2012.

Simon and I visited Leavenworth, WA (alone!) for a weekend. It was beautiful!

We got to see the Seahawks annihilate the Cardinals: 58-0!

Making Christmas "smash" cookies.

Our 2 little angels take birthday presents to Baby Jesus.

The Gs enjoy some swimming at the Mullan Pool for cousin Owen's birthday.
Christmas Eve silliness with cousin Hannah.

Christmas morn--I think we're ready!

Impatient girls waiting for Christmas to start.

Gracie shows off her princess gloves.

Gemma likes her new lip gloss.

Favorite gift: a new horsie

Favorite gift: 2 pink lemurs

The Gs open their stockings at Grandma Dee's house.

Stompeez are a hit!

Gemma spent hours putting this pony castle together.

Gracie spent hours putting her Lego kit together.

The Gs got to celebrate Christmas with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa.


quilt'n-mama said…
Happy New Year!
Looks like you had a great Dec. and Christmas. Loved your Christmas card!
Many Blessings in 2013!

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