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"Gracie"ful Reminders

I don't know why, but it's been a challenging, tiring, long, trying week at the Miller household. I've had a cough that has lingered from my first cold of the season back around October 16. School has been stressful for Amy, and Gracie has had lots to do after school. Throw in a school board meeting, choir practices, pet challenges, and you have a very full week! Admittedly I have not handled it too well. I've been impatient, ungrateful, lazy, and just unpleasant at times. Sometimes we just have those dry seasons, varying in length which I feel God sovereignly places us in so He can connect with us and change us. However, I've needed every bit of Grace as I've navigated the challenges of the week.  Today as we started our whopping 1.8 mile commute to work/school, G and I were listening to our Tidings Album by our great friend Laurie Roberts and Tammy McMorrow. The song "Magnify" was playing and while swept up in the amazing music and vocals, I was s