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Adoption Update

I have a list of topics I want to blog about, but it has seems like by the time I get home after being on the computer all day long configuring email servers, spam filters, content filters, print servers, user profiles, answering help desk calls, listening to vendors, and a myriad of other technology related conundrums, that I can't muster up the brainpower to craft anything readable or interesting. Additionally, I'm married to an English major, which makes me hyper-sensitive to typos, run on sentences, fragments, and ending my sentences with prepositions! Nonetheless, I know that this blog post is long overdue. A combination of the aforementioned fatigue and equal parts of frustration and disappointment have created an ache inside that makes it tough to find the time and energy to creatively write about it. As the title of this entry suggest, this is an update on our adoption process for all of you who have asked many questions, prayed, and even shared in our frustration.