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Happy Gotcha Day, Gia!

Can you believe it's been ONE WHOLE year since this?!?!? And this?!?!? This precious little girl has taught us SO MUCH about bravery and courage. She left ALL that she knew, including her very best friend, took a GIANT leap of faith, and trusted us enough to join our family. She has endured various medical exams, none of which she has liked. She has grieved for her lost life. She has learned English amazingly quickly. She has become true sisters with Gracie and Gemma. She has learned to entertain herself, rather than have to be entertained all of the time. She has grown inches!  She is AMAZING! And the best thing of all, she tells us that she loves Jesus. Not only does she have a family who loves her, but she now knows her heavenly Father whose love for her is unmatched. Adoption is a miracle, and it is the closest thing we have on earth (though not a perfect match) to illustrate what God has done for us by adopting us into His family. HAPPY GOTCHA D