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Mountain Mover... A Dad's Journey.

Last January (2013) my wife told me she wanted to adopt another child. I acknowledged passively, but nothing more. Days, weeks, and months went by, and aside from a comment or two about Amy's thoughts, prayers, and various book studies, a 3rd adoption was not something I was feeling led to, or wanted to pursue. I just wasn't feeling it. As days continued to pass, Amy began sharing with me, things she was being challenged by in her devotionals and bible study groups. There was no pressuring, no guilt trips, no begging. Just subtle verses and concepts that cut straight to the heart, focusing on letting go of comforts, pursuit of wealth, and taking a risk, for a much greater cause. Sure all these things were great, but why me? Why now? As far as I was concerned, we had our hands full enough with our 2 girls, including Gemma, who was struggling to adjust to her new life. Things were just starting to become "normal." Why in the world would we want to add another variable t

Journey to Gia: Day 8--A Post of Pictures

We don't have a lot to say or report in this post, as today was a very relaxing day. It consisted of sleeping in, eating a hearty breakfast, swimming in the pool, eating in for lunch, some QT (quiet time), and a dinner with a LARGE group of friends. Enjoy the pictures. :) Gia Chunyu LOVES to color and draw. Chinese cartoons, anyone? Guangzhou Looking at the garden of the Garden Hotel from our apartment window. We think it's supposed to read "raisin" bread. LOL Skyping with Grandma and Grandpa Peterson The world's most well-fed koi QT (quiet time)--someone fell asleep Our large agency group gathers in the hotel lobby to head to dinner together. The lollipop/floral centerpiece is in honor of Children's Day--June 1st. Where are we?? Enjoying our after dinner treats YUM! See you tomorrow!!

Journey to Gia: Day 7--Medical, TB, and Smiles

First morning in Guangzhou at The Garden hotel. It is so nice. There is a beautiful garden (hence the name) in the back of the hotel. In this garden, there are at least 2 ponds FULL of huge koi fish. Well, feeding these koi is a tradition for the Miller clan. So, after breakfast, we gathered several loaves pieces of bread and ventured out to the garden. Let's just say that Gia was enraptured. Then it was on to Gia Chunyu's medical appointment. The US requires this of every adopted child. The bus ride there was in HEAVY stop and go traffic. Ugghh! But Gia took it in stride. Maybe holding Baba's hand helped her. :) It consists of 3 parts: ENT, TB test, and general check-up. It was kind of a long wait, but Gia Chunyu handled it like a champ. Until the TB test. This required a blood draw, and they did NOT allow the parents to accompany the children. Poor Gia Chunyu! She came out of the room in tears. :( We've know s