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Grace Like Rain...

This phrase came to me today. After about a week of struggle, I am exhausted. Simon asked if I was feeling sick. I replied, "No. I'd just like one day without a Gemma meltdown." Truth is...I've had more meltdowns than Gemma has. In fact, the other day after a particularly frustrating meltdown, I begged the Lord's forgiveness, and told him that I needed a spanking. (I think I heard him chuckle.) Anyway, yes, there are struggles with Gemma. But mostly, they're struggles that a normal, average, 5-year-old-with-a-stubborn-streak has. Today, I was transported back to August 15, 2011--Gemma's Gotcha Day. I looked through our blog archives and found my post from that day. More than the post, the pictures spoke to me. And I mean spoke to me.  So much so, that I had to run to the restroom (I was at school, mind you) because I was BAWLING. God reminded me right then and there of ALL that Gemma has gone through and overcome. From that first day of extreme a