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It's the Small Things

Today I went for my normal run. My legs felt fatigued, more than usual, and it was more strenuous than usual. After my run was over, I began my "cool down" walk up Montgomery Gulch Road. Two of my neighbors Ted Turnbow and George Gaylord were talking. I had just passed George and his chocolate lab, Brandy, on the bike trail at the beginning of my run going the other way. I said a few brief words and continued across the street to my house. It then began to hit me as I approached my house. I'm so blessed and thankful to get to live where I live. It also means a great deal to me to get to have neighbors who have lived here for a long time and have really enjoyed life, and continue to do so. I also have some family-friend connections with both of these gentlemen, so it makes the small town feel that much more meaningful. To me, it is all about connections, which I guess is why I'm such a small town guy at heart. Sure I have had aspirations to move to bigger cities out of