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For as long as I can remember, golf has been a part of my life. Fortunately for me, my Uncle Ed introduced me to the greatest game ever played by taking me up to Shoshone Golf Club and turning me loose. I'll never forget those afternoons scavenging for balata and surlyn treasures while mastering the fine skill of smacking them with my 7 iron. The rules were simple: Don't get in anyone's way, and don't damage the course. Little did I know that this simple pleasure would later turn into one of the single greatest activities I would experience in my life. Later in my childhood, the golf passions increased. After convincing my parents to buy me my own set of clubs, which were Dick Cripe's Spalding Top Flite clubs, including a genuine 2 Wood, also known as a Brassie, I spent as much time as humanly possible at Shoshone Golf Club with my great pal Hank Rauenhorst. We would routinely split our front and back nines with a 1 hour snorkel harvest in the pond on holes 8/9 a

Official Autumn Kickoff

In our neck of the woods, autumn doesn't officially start until we visit Green Bluff--a farming community about 1.5 hours from our house, north of Spokane. It is a gorgeous community with orchards, farms, animals, and of course, pumpkin patches!     Pumpkin donuts...oh yeah, baby! Gracie rides "Gracie." Gemma rides "Misty." Victoria the Pumpkin Princess Riding the "Little Toot." The end result of our trip. (The corn stalks actually came from my garden.) 

September Happenings

A LOT went on in September. Here is a photo montage of the month.   First day of school pancake breakfast. Gemma--Kindergarten Gracie--3rd grade Entering school together...awww. The Great Grandparents' anniversary. 64 years!! PUYALLUP FAIR TIME!!   Simon's cousin, Christian, was the "face of the fair" this year.   One last swim for the girls before we close the lake place for the winter. One last summer 2012 dive for Simon. A fearless visitor