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First Day Rainbow

When I signed off last night I wrote that I was praying for God to give me strength. I have lots of friends who don't share my Faith in Christ, and with the way the world (including me sometimes) is today, I can't say I blame them one bit. Christianity's human blemishes are often magnified and exploited beyond reason. But the Truth remains, and I believe! For any of you who have doubts, (like me) this post is for you! I woke up bright and early today. Actually, it wasn't all that bright at 5AM. As Gracie often says, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. So I strapped on the headlamp and headed out for a late summer AM run. Despite a loose sensor on my shoe, I trudged along just grunting out a good workout and releasing some tension/stress. When I returned it was time to prep for the famous "Micky Mouse Pancakes." Gracie thought it was the cat's meow for me to make them on a week day. I got the griddle hooked up and began mixing th

First Day

Well, here it is, Kindergarten Eve, and I am holding up pretty well, surprisingly. I've mostly been thinking about all the emotions I've been through the last few days as I prepared for my little princess to start Kindergarten. I've posted Facebook comments, emailed friends and family, visited, but more importantly, just enjoyed everything about our precious Gracie. She has been so cute with how she talks about Kindergarten and her little nervous discussions would melt even the most hardened heart. All in all, I've had moments where the tears well up, (which I'm not a stranger to at all) but for the most part, I'm more concerned with being organized tomorrow and taking my sister-in-law Martha's advice and just enjoy/focus on Gracie's excitement. As I go through all these emotions, lots of things come to my mind, most of them very vivid, strong emotions. In case you don't know me all that well, I'm a pretty emotional guy. I cried at my wedding, an