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Gracie's First Bike

Gracie got a big surprise Monday afternoon. Herb Kinsey and his Granddaughter Annika brought her a very cool Purple Princess bike complete with basket and training wheels. Annika had outgrown it and moved on to a bigger bike and wanted Gracie to have it. Gracie's eyes boggled! After an afternoon nap, we lowered the seat, tightened the training wheels, put Lambie in the basket and off Gracie went! 2 hours and one significant crash later we went in for a rest! I will post more pictures and video later!

Bath Time

  Gracie loves bath time. She usually tells me "Daddy I want to take a long baff," while I am washing her hair and scrubbing her down. During a "long baff" she re-enacts scenes from Lion King, fills up cups of various sizes, and plays with bath toys such as two Dora dolls made for bath (which Gracie refers to as "The Twins." I like giving the baths while I can. I still remember bathing Qing when her hair was very short. It is now a bit more work to wash her hair!

Golf Trip II

  I took Gracie out to Pinehurst Golf Course last week. We started out with a bucket of balls and then worked towards a bag of BBQ potato chips and some juice. After a refreshment break, we hit the practice green for some putting. My good friend Kieth joined us and helped teach Gracie the finer points of putting! There are more pictures of the trip in our Picasa web album. (linked on the right)