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Why China?

I started this blog in China during our #journeytogia. I'm going to modify it here and there and finish it because I keep putting it off. There is so much going through my head the last few weeks, settling on something to write about has been a challenge. We have been getting all kinds of inquiries about our family since returning home, ranging from things like "how is her English," to "how is it going?" At some point I think we will blog specifically to the most frequently asked questions, but I thought I'd address a particular question that Amy and I get asked regularly, because I think this question sets the stage for a reflective post such as this. Aside from "Why adoption?" which is perhaps an entire separate post, or series of posts, which you could also glean from reading our previous blog posts and piecing things together. "Why China?" is probably the question we get asked most frequently by family, friends, and loved ones. I

The Unspoken "But..."

It's been 49 days since we met Gia for the very first time. 49 days. Much has happened in those 49 days. Things are going quite well, as far as international adoptions go. The "good" days far outweigh the "bad" days. But there are bad days. I've shared about them on this blog. On Facebook. With family and friends. We have an amazing support group of family, friends, and adoption communities. AMAZING. But sometimes, when I share about the hard parts of adoption--Gia's adoption--I can hear the unspoken "but...." "But, didn't you kind of sign up for this when you chose to adopt?" Yes. And no. YES, we signed up for this. This finding our new normal. This learning how to parent 3 girls instead of 2. This sibling "jockeying" for position and learning their new roles in our family. This figuring out how to buckle 3 car seats into the middle row. This having to use a car roof rack, even on short trips. Thi