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The Sad, Beautiful Truth

Gia P had an emotional breakdown tonight. Like the kind we haven't seen for months. Like the kind where she cried inconsolably. But, there was one difference. This time, she could tell me why she was crying. It had been a lazy day. It was supposed to have been the first day back to school after a much needed and enjoyed 2-week Christmas break. Somewhat unexpectedly, we got the news this morning that today was a snow day. Gia was the only one disappointed. I suspect that may have had something to do with her breakdown later on. But only just a little. Before dinner, she was looking through the Journey to Gia blog book that we made a couple of months ago. She loves going through it, looking at the pictures, and telling us things about "my China." So, I didn't think anything of it when she pointed to the picture in the book. The one I used to worry about her seeing. The one she's looked at many times since without much of an emotional reaction. Shu Me