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When we first adopted Gladdie, no...I have to go back further. When we first got a doctor's opinion on Gladdie's file, before we'd even met her, and knowing that she walked with a severe limp, I assumed that hip surgery would be in her future. And to be honest, it terrified me. It was honestly my worst fear in this entire adoption...her, at age 8, being stuck in a body cast for weeks on end...unable to walk, play, swim, bathe, or use the toilet. It was scary. I think the Lord had some mercy on me, though, because when I first heard the word "surgery," it was way last October. I had months to plan and prepare for it. I remember thinking: It's all for Gladdie. She will be so much stronger for this. She will be better for this. It's better to do this now than wait until she's older. Let's just get it over with and allow her to move on in life. Surgery went well. We were out of the hospital in 2 days. Her pain seemed very minimal, and