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New pictures of Sanhui

We received these pictures and videos of Sanhui today...from a family who was in Zhongshan last week adopting their precious daughter. So these pictures are barely a week old. Isn't she beautiful?! In the one picture where she looks a little grumpy, I imagine her saying to herself, "When is MY mama, baba, and jiejie going to come and get me??"

Happy Father's Day!

I am reminded daily of the special bond between fathers and their children--specifically between fathers and their daughters. I am SO thankful for Simon and the loving relationship he has with G. It is mind-boggling to know that my heavenly Father loves me INFINITELY MORE than Simon loves G!! "Jesus, your love takes my breath away!"

The Wait...there is some good

The wait...there is some good by Amy Peterson Miller on Saturday, June 18, 2011 at 10:34am Okay, so there are a couple of good things about having to wait so long for Sanhui. 1. We found a "snag" in our USCIS paperwork, so we have time to fix it before we travel. (It would've been DISASTROUS if we had traveled before discovering the error!) 2. I've joined several online groups and have met a.) people who have adopted/are adopting from the same orphanage where Sanhui is, b.) people who might be traveling about the same we are and who we might meet while in China, and c.) people who are adopting through the same agency we are and can share their experiences.

A (very important) Update!

This is our dear daughter Zhong San Hui. She is 4 years old and is waiting for us in Zhongshan Children's Welfare Institute in Zhongshan City, in Guangdong Province in People's Republic of China. We receive Pre-Approval (PA) to adopt her on April 8, 2011. We are on day 70 waiting for our Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from China which will make her officially ours. We cannot travel until we receive LOA. Hopefully it will come soon!