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This Man

Words cannot describe how blessed I am to be married to this man.  I've always known that he's a wonderful husband. And a great dad. But the more of Simon God reveals to me, the more AMAZED I am. He's humble. And kind. And caring. And selfless. And virtuous. And full of integrity. And if you read his last post on our blog, you'll know that he's courageous. Not only is he willing to admit a failing of his--which is courageous, by the way. But he's willing to allow God to change his heart.  Which also takes courage. This man. Oh, how I love him! And how I thank God for the man that he is.

A cold day in ..... Boise

Vandal Bilers reunited... My great friend Eric and I. For those who know me, my Twitter username and profile say it all: @vandalgrad:  Husband, Father, Musician, Educator, Runner, Cyclist, Swimmer, Golfer, Blogger, Tech Geek. Further, those who know me, also know of my stubborn disdain for certain things such as Apple Computer marketing, pretentious Apple users, and even certain sports teams, specifically, Boise State University Broncos. I've made no bones about it repeatedly, ensuring that my stubborn and polarizing opinions were well known by all, even going so far as to make it a point of pride wherever I went. "Who do we hate?? Boise State!" was one of my mottos and I often made it a point to let people know that my 2nd favorite team ever was anyone playing Boise State. But rather than elaborate further on the hate, I'll move on. Recently, a few events have drastically changed my feelings and opinions in these areas and I think you'll probably be shock