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August Walk - Thankfulness

I've been meaning to get a couple blog entries up in the past few weeks, but with "life" happening at breakneck speed, my best laid plans have often been pushed aside. But I find myself at the computer this evening after another very full day, capped off by wiggling a loose tooth belonging to our soon-to-be 7 year old (yikes) and then reading her a story before bed. So much has happened in the last few months yet as I looked at our blog I noticed the last time I took time to write was on the day of the passing of our cat "Little Al."  In an effort to adhere to my resolution, I'm trying to allow myself to post simple things to the blog to 1. Help me express my thoughts/feelings in writing 2. Share our experiences with friends and family and 3. To help me to constantly remember the abundance of things that I am thankful. (topic of this post) I thought the picture I included with this post was worth more than a thousand words. It was taken this August when we