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Quick Update--HOME

We arrived in Seattle Friday morning to a host of family cheering and waving American flags for Gemma (who became a US citizen the second the plane touched down on US soil). Our flights were uneventful, and the girls did really well. We stayed at my parents' in Tacoma Fri and Sat, hoping to get a little rest. It didn't quite work out that way. But on Sunday, we decided to drive home anyway. Simon was awake enough to make the drive; the girls and I slept most of the 6+ hours. It seems as though Gemma can only sleep 4 hours at night. Her poor system is so messed up! Please pray for her--and us--that we'll all be able to get back into a schedule that works. She was such a good sleeper in China; I hope she can be here, too, once she gets into a good rhythm. I will try to post pictures another time. Right now I'm just trying to get caught up--sleep, laundry, grocery shopping, bill paying, etc.

Last Day in Guangzhou

I started this today before we checked out of the hotel. It's been another adventurous but good day, and before I go to sleep I figured I'd post what I have so far. Wow, where does the time go? It seems like yesterday we touched down in Guangzhou and were greeted by Rebecca, our guide at the airport. As we prepare for the first leg home, I figured I'd piggyback on an idea from one of the families we met and Amy's blog post. Things I miss the most:(aside from friends and family) Our pets American Starbucks and JoltNBolt Riding my bike My SMARTPHONE! (just a wee bit) The smell of my freshly cut lawn Making my own lattes Not sweating profusely just walking down the street Driving myself where I want to go, when I want to go American sports! College Football anyone? My bed Dairy Queen Blizzard USA, Here we come!

Last full day in GZ--Consulate appointment and the Zoo

Here we are. We made it. Today was our last full day in Guangzhou, China. Tomorrow at 2 pm local time, we will check out of the Garden, head to the railway station, take a train to Hong Kong, check in to our airport hotel, and board a plane to Tokyo on Friday morning. I can honestly say--it's time. 18 days in China--WHEW! Here is a list of things I miss from "back home": --soft toilet paper --homecooked meals --my pillow and bed --not sweating CONSTANTLY, ALL DAY --public restrooms that don't stink to high heaven --people who don't stare at me like I have lobsters crawling out of my ears --my family --my pets --sleep It's not an exhaustive list, but you get the idea. We had our consulate appointment this morning at the US Embassy in GZ. This appointment is what our entire trip hinged upon. There are only so many appointments available Mon-Wed, so we got one of the last ones. When we arrived, there was a huge crowd of Chinese nationals waiting to apply fo

China Reflection: Gracie Faye

What a whirlwind 3+ weeks it has been. After receiving TA Friday, July 29th , while celebrating Gracie's successful reading at Sunnyside Elementary, our lives switched into hyperdrive. The next week, Gracie had all day camp at Aowakiya for a week, while we frantically prepared for our journey across the world to get Gemma. This included a wonderful visit from Grandma and Grandpa Peterson from Tacoma. Nonetheless, it was a very busy, hectic, intense time for everyone, especially for a 7 year old girl! As Amy and I excitedly packed and prepared for the trip, we both commented on how we knew Gracie was going to be great on the trip. It just so turns out that we underestimated our precious Gracie as she has been nothing short of fantastic the entire trip. I can't express how proud and blessed I have been this entire trip by this little girl, who has made sacrifices and adjustments beyond her years, with little-to-no complaining along the way. This trip has been a wonderfully fu

Pearl River Cruise

I don't have a ton to say tonight, but I will post some pics. Gemma continues to do well. She is talking a lot and saying more and more English words. Today, her new words were "oh, yeah!" She is also getting a little clingier with us. She will let Simon hold her more and more, and she asks to get on my lap and for me to hold her a lot. She even gave me my first kiss on the lips today. And she made the accompanying smacking sound with her lips. So cute. ;) A bittersweet moment today: we were on a cruise boat on the Pearl River and Gracie tells us, "I can't wait until we're home again." Then she says to me, "I kind of miss the 3 of us." :*( I know things will take some time getting used to. Hopefully when we get home, G will feel more comfortable in her own surroundings and will learn to love her little sister. Playground at our hotel Ah, a little help, here? Waiting for our cruise On the boat