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England: London Day 5

This is our last full day in England. (Insert sad face.) We finished our sightseeing with a visit to Kensington Palace as well as a trip to Notting Hill, topped off with a show. Fun!

England: London Day 4 (and some observations)

We didn't see and do as much today as yesterday, so not as many pictures. We spent the morning in the National Gallery...a beautiful (free) art museum. I viewed original works from Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Peter Paul Reubens, and Paul Cezanne to name a few. Then we followed a (modified) walk that a friend let me borrow for this trip. We visited the John Soane museum (another freebie) which you can learn more about here. After that, we walked back to our hotel via Oxford Street, famous for its shopping. (Right up my alley!)

Having been in London for 4 days now, I've come to realize a few things. These are just my own observations.By far, the accessory of choice by female Londoners is the scarf. It is worn by women of all ages, races, shapes, and sizes, and it is worn in just as many different, beautiful ways. Good thing I brought (and bought!) a few scarves.Londoners like to eat...or at least gather around a table in a restaurant. There are cafes EVERYWHERE. In museu…

England: London Day 3