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Time to paint!

We have decided to paint our bedroom in conjunction with the carpet project. Amy had today off due for Spring Break, so she and Gracie got started on the painting while I was at work. As you can see, Gracie has some potential. I know, at first it looks like gang tags, but upon closer inspection one can see the graceful brush strokes and lots of fun shapes and designs! I was tempted to leave this as the final touches for the room, but we decided to proceed with the original plan.

Luke Jorgen Rowe

Today Luke Jorgen Rowe was born to Sarah (Amy's Sister) and Mark Rowe. Now little Ava is a big sister! Luke was born this morning at 9:16AM. He is 8lbs 6.9 ounces and 20.5 inches long. You can see pictures at the Rowe's site (one of the links on the right hand side of this blog.) Congratulations to Mark and Sarah (and big sister Ava too!) and the rest of the gang: Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins! What a blessing!

Happy Anniversary

I am writing this post on the eve of my parents' 36th Wedding Anniversary .Yep, 36 years together in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, in richer and poorer... We certainly experience all these things here on the Earth, as we are not perfect and that is not part of The Plan. I am very proud that my parents have been married for 36 years, but more importantly, I am thankful for each of them and what they have given to me all these years. The fact that they have remained married and faithful to each other is even more of a blessing and inspiration to me. Of course, growing up, I distinctly remember them giving of themselves so that I could have experiences that would help to shape me into the person I am today. Each day I find an abundance of blessings to be thankful for, and a great deal of them are the result of the love, care, devotion, and sacrifices they have made over the years. It seems like yesterday they were celebrating 10, 20, 25, and even 30 years of marria

New Picture Gallery

I have decided to give Google's Picasa a whirl as the wrangling of digital pictures was becoming a pretty big task. I admit, I was not doing such a great job keeping the albums updated and organized. When we switched our hosting plan, I had to rebuild the original album too. (still working on that) So I downloaded Google's Picasa and I have to say I am very impressed. The ability to view, edit, email, and upload images to my Picasa Web Album (Free) is really cool and user friendly. So I invite you to visit our new albums on Picasa using the links on the right hand side of this blog page.


We went to the Newsboys concert in the Spokane Arena on Friday. I have seen the Newsboys in concert several times including a few times in Spokane, and two times at The Creation Festival at the Gorge at George Washington. These guys are flat out awesome. Their visual stage show is always high energy and high tech. The Newsboys' music doesn't disappoint either. These guys just keep on making awesome music with an anointed message. Although they had a different look since Paul Coleman is now taking the place of departed member Bryan Olesen, and Phil Joel has departed (December), they haven't missed a beat. The Newsboys kept us energized and focused on God with their high energy tunes, great stage show, and truly blessed lyrics. If you haven't purchased their latest album Go I highly recommend you go out and get it.


I am playing around with Picasa for doing some picture editing and posting to online albums. I was browsing through all the digital pictures I have taken and I came across this great picture of "Lambie." So I figured I would post this tribute to Lambie. Gracie has had this Lambie since we got back from China. She got it from my cousin Tony and his family and she hasn't been apart from Lambie for more than 30 minutes since. We all love Lambie and appreciate the comfort and security he has given to Qing. She absolutely loves her Lamb. We have had a few scary moments when we thought we lost him, but after a prayer or two, Lambie always showed up! So here is a blog entry in honor of Lambie!

Flooring Fun!

OK, I fully admit, I have only been at this blogging thing (posting, not reading) for a little over a week now, and I have already slacked off and neglected my posting for more than a week. I will work at doing a better job of posting regularly. Last weekend, we went shopping for carpet to replace the carpet in our living room and bedrooms. After having the Yooper Floor Covering (Mary and Joe) come give us their expert advice, we decided to go look at carpet and laminate floor covering. After we got back, we decided to take a peek and see what was under that North Carolina Blue carpet and much to our surprise... HARDWOOD Floors! We spent the better part of Saturday night jockeying furniture around so we could pull up the carpet and we were pleasantly surprised at how nice the floor was. Sure there were some minor blemishes from previous carpet installers, but nothing that can't be fixed. So after a few hours of pulling staples, the living room has an entirely new look!

Lockdown II

Well, I hope this doesn't become a regular occurrence. We were placed in "lockdown" again due to a high speed pursuit that started in Hayden, ID and progressed to Kellogg. Details can be found here at KXLY from Spokane. The following picture is actually at the Division/Kellogg Ave intersection. Apparently shots were fired (yikes). What is happening to tiny Kellogg?

Golf Season Arrives

Well, golf season is here, North Idaho Style. After spending a couple weeks inside reviewing rules and discussing the finer points of golf, we are officially "on the course." Despite a pretty brutal February, the course is actually in great shape. It should be a fun year. The girls are young and the boys have 2 returning lettermen.

Lock Down

We experienced some excitement today in K-Town. An announcement broadcasted over the intercom at KMS (where my office is) stated that we were to go into "Lock Down" status immediately. We have routine Lock Down and Fire drills regularly, so I figured it was just another drill. However, this time the signal pattern of bell rings didn't accompany the announcement. As we locked ourselves in our office, a short time later we were told that the lock down was indeed real due to a bank robbery at the Kellogg Wells Fargo Bank uptown. It was quite surreal and lasted a little over an hour. Below is a picture taken during the robber by the bank's camera and a link to the story. Kellogg Bank Robbery - KHQ