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Robes of Righteousness

We met Gladys Mae 7 weeks and 4 days ago. That's 53 days total. For over 40 of those days, Gladdie refused to wear anything but her Gotcha Day outfit. We knew (mostly) the "why" of this phenomenon. For the days in China, we decided to just let it ride. Her entire world was changing, and this ONE thing was all that she could control. Plus, she was grieving HARD for her "mama," and I think these clothes gave her comfort in her grief. Once we arrived home, we hoped that she would embrace her new life with as much vigor as she grieved her old. She kind of did. But not with her clothes. She clung to those things for days...and days...and weeks...and weeks. My parents came to visit in early June...we'd been home for a few weeks by that point. My mom said that Gladdie's Gotcha outfit was starting to look a little worn out. I totally agreed. And it brought to my mind again an idea that had been swirling around in there since China. Her cli