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Gladdie--Day 6--Miller Clan Academy

Today we visited the famous Chen Clan Academy. We have been here before, but it was nice to visit when it wasn't 95* with 100% relative humidity. It's a very old structure built by the Chen family in order to give the less fortunate an education. The Chen family name is one of the top 5 most prolific family names in all of China, and THE most prolific name in Guangdong province.    There are carvings all over the structure, and the government re-paints many of the carvings once a year. The colors and intricacy are absolutely amazing! The current structure is owned by the government and serves as a museum of sorts. In each room are various artifacts on display, such as jade and ivory carvings, embroidery, and porcelain. Also on display are rooms of the original Chen family and the furniture and arrangements, living room, bedroom. Can you believe they used hollow porcelain blocks as pillows? (They would put important items inside the pillow for safekeep

Gladdie--Day 5--Lions & Tigers & T-Rexes... oh my!

After the "Dryer Adventure," we were ready for some breakfast, and a trip to the Safari, Gotcha Day outfit freshly washed, multiple times! But first, some Garden Hotel breakfast, and some koi viewing and feeding. This hotel is so cool. You can find many more photos of the Safari here in this album! Next we boarded our van, and headed for the Guangzhou Chimelong Safari Park  which is supposed to be really cool (and boy was it!). We got directions and times from our guide Lucia and made our way to the park. This place is huge! We had a little bit of an idea of what to do, but we had no idea how expansive this place was. Unreal. We started off with a "Safari On Wheels" which was a guided trip through part of the park, with amazing views of so many animals! Aside from me not being able to fold our borrowed stroller for the ride, the views were spectacular! Because I was holding an upside down fully expanded stroller, Amy had to take the camera. But it