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Blessings In Disguise

After the day I had, car breakdown on freeway, towing, 10 hours of waiting for repairs, it would be really easy to just complain. A lot of misfortune happened, at the worst of times. It would be easy to have a "why me" pity party, but I am instead aware of the many blessings that I encountered today: 1. The car broke down going downhill, by an exit so it was easy to pull off the Interstate & pull over to a safe location. 2. My in-laws ( Connie & Rodger Peterson​) so graciously pay for Amy and I to have AAA coverage every year, so I could get a tow truck dispatched quickly. 3. I trust the mechanic who works on our vehicles, and was referred to him by the same great co-worker who left me a Starbucks "get well" card at said mechanic's shop on his way to work. 4. My wife was already going to CDA/Post Falls w/ the Gs for shopping and dental appt, so I got to spend extra time with them. 5. I have a job that allows me to work remotely and get just