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The "Gotcha Day" That Made Us Parents

In a crowded city in the middle of China, on a steaming hot September day in 2004, we met the daughter that God had chosen for us to adopt for the very first time. (The joke is that all the dads in the group, even though they had let the moms go up in the only working elevator to see the babies first, actually got to see the babies first because the babies came later than expected, and all the moms were already upstairs waiting for them.) Before we even knew her or saw her picture, we loved her. But these photos sealed the deal! Her name was written upon our hearts the day we first saw her picture. Her name was sealed upon our hearts the moment we first saw her in person. Oh what joy! Words cannot express, Gracie Faye, what a privilege, what a joy, what a marvel it is being your parents! God has indeed "set the lonely in families" and "turned mourning into dancing." Happy Gotcha Day, Gracie Faye! We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Look Like Love

SM- OK, I'm still trying to find my "niche" for where to post this blog. I'm also trying to blog to share thoughts and feelings, rather than treat it like each post must be a well-polished, finished product. So this will be my first attempt at a "just blog it" type entry. This week, while loading up the car to take my daughters to school, I had a thought. Hey, the girls are big enough, they can put their backpacks at their feet in the car and just get out on their own when I drop them off rather than the usual stop, get out, get their bags from the back hatch and off they go. My initial feeling was that it would be easier and quicker. But then it hit me, in that "back to school" nostalgia sort of way. You know, that feeling you get when your kids are starting another school year already, and Summer zoomed by, and they seem so grown up. I needed that moment, in more ways than one. So I decided to put the backpacks in the back, in our traditional s

First Day...2013