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Well, we got our first big snow storm of the season Monday night/Tuesday morning. Gracie has been counting the days until we had enough snow to actually play. Well, this storm was a good one! Despite Little G's concerns this morning as I was leaving work that the snow might melt before I got home from work, we had a blast playing in the first winter wonderland. You can see the pictures on our web album. All of them were taken in the dark, so they might be tough to see. Gracie had a blast riding in her sled, making snowballs (and throwing them at Dad), making snow angels, and lots of paths to follow in the front yard. The snow was cold and dry enough that the snowman building efforts were thwarted, but another day will have to be snowman day. The fun filled evening was capped off by a festive viewing of Charlie Brown's Christmas, a seasonal classic. It is refreshing to see how Charles Schulz integrates Biblical references throughout the cartoons. It is also miraculous to see tha

Summer Recap I: Swingset!

Well, where in the world did Summer go? Thanks to a new job and about 10 new job descriptions it was a pretty hectic and stressful summer. But one of the things we did manage to accomplish was to get a swingset for Gracie. Thanks to Chris Johnson, who personally delivered the huge boxes from Wal-Mart Gracie got one of her wishes this summer. It took me about 3 evenings to construct the entire thing. Seeing the look on Gracie's face when it was all done made it worth every second. She continues to swing and play on it, even into the cool Autumn afternoons.