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Gotcha Day

Today is a very significant and blessed day for the Millers. Four years ago today God brought our family together in China. In the adoption community the phrase"Gotcha Day" us used to signify when we "got" each other. We had seen a picture of Gracie before traveling to be united with her, but September 9, 2004 was the first day we got to see her and hold her. What a day that was. On our way to the social institute, where we would meet our precious daughter Gracie for the first time, our guide Michael said something I will never forget. He was explaining some last second instructions to us and then he said, "I can feel your hearts beating." I can remember that when we arrived with the other 4 couples in our group, the elevator of the social institute was not big enough for all of us. So all the soon to be dads sent the soon to be moms up first. Ironically ,the precious little girls arrived shortly after the moms began the ride up the elevator. So the dad

First Day of Pre-School

Little G started Pre-School today at Miss Diane's Little Learners Pre-School. Here is the traditional "First Day" photo op on the porch of 2 Engdahl. It was a big day for G as well as for Mom and Dad. Dad actually made it the entire time without crying believe it or not! Gracie became a bit worried when Mom and Dad left, while some of the other parents stayed to take a few more pictures, but Miss Diane said that G shook it off and had a great 1st day! Dad, however, cried on his way back to work. (there's a shock!)

Ode to Michael Phelps

Here is Little G showing Grandpa Jim her 3 meter doggy paddle, inspired by 8 time Gold Medal winner Michael Phelps! Hey, if the olympians can use those high tech speedo shark suits, Little G can use a life jacket and water wings! We spent Labor Day Weekend at Carlin Bay and although the temperatures were "October-esque" that didn't stop us from swimming it up! A great time was had by all at "Grandpa's Lake."

A Major Award

Here you see Little G and her "Grand Prize" for keeping dry through the entire night! It is a My Little Pony Amusement Park! The ferris wheel even works! G got to take this to the lake over Labor Day Weekend. She played with it nonstop, in between roasting marshmallows (more on that in a later post) and swimming!

Summer Project 4

Well, after several months of slacking off the blogosphere, I have finally finished enough outside projects to post a few blog entries. It has been an awesome Summer and we had lots to do and see. The most recent project to get checked off the homeowner list was painting the exterior. Thanks to Bryan Cheney's generosity in letting me use his airless sprayer, we got this done in one day. The trim took another day too. We also got new gutters which is turning out to be more projects in disguise. (more on that later). Anyway, ifI will try to post another picture so you can do a before/after comparison.

7 In a Row

Little G reached a milestone by staying dry throughout the night for 7 nights in a row. In doing so she earned a "Special Prize" which she had already picked out. We still have a bump here and there, but she is doing a great job! Pictured is her "Responsibility Chart." The bottom line is "Stay Dry All Night," as you can see the 7 consecutive magnetic smiley faces! The board also contains other goals or "responsibilities" and G regularly fills it up during the week!