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No Man Is Poor Who Has Friends

It wasn't the first time, but a few weeks ago, I compared my experience at my final KHS Golf Awards to that of George Bailey from the ever so famous "It's a Wonderful Life." Former golfers, friends, and family made me feel like what Harry Bailey said about his beloved brother, "A toast to my big brother George: The richest man in town!" It was a wonderful ceremony, and end to my golf coaching career. Little did I know that the parallel to this perennial favorite was only beginning. Rewind a few weeks. I am on a bus on the way to Moscow, Idaho, home of the Moscow Invitational Golf Tournament, when I got an email from my great friend Laurie Roberts. It referenced a sermon from Ralph Lowe so I immediately began listening. The message was about having Faith and God honoring His believers in ways beyond our understanding or belief. Little did I know how applicable this sermon would be to my life.  I am the Technology Coordinator of the Kellogg Sch