England: London Day 5

This is our last full day in England. (Insert sad face.) We finished our sightseeing with a visit to Kensington Palace as well as a trip to Notting Hill, topped off with a show. Fun!

This is a statue of Queen Victoria (longest reigning monarch in Britain's history) in front of Kensington Palace. This is the palace where Princess Diana lived and where Will and Kate will move in soon.

The throne of George I

This is a unicorn on the throne--for Gracie who LOVES unicorns.

A lovely fireplace in Kensington Palace

More lovely scenes from Kensington

It took 6 boys to carry George's train.

Victoria's dollhouse--also for Gracie

Victoria and her husband--Albert--had a truly loving marriage. When he died, Victoria donned this mourning outfit and never wore anything but black until her death.

Kensington Gardens

This is the Royal Albert hall. Anyone remember this from the movie "The Man Who Knew Too Much" with Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day???

A memorial to Albert

A cool building

The famous Harrod's department store! It's safe to say that I could not afford 1 single thing in that store. Posh, much?

The entrance to Notting Hill 

Gorgeous, colorful terrace houses in Notting Hill.

To end our time in London, we went to a show. We saw Shrek--The Musical. Can you tell by the color onstage? It was the most FABULOUS show I've ever seen!

This trip has been a once-in-a-lifetime for me. It has totally lived up to--and exceeded--my expectations in every way. The only place I didn't get to see is Canterbury. But since I got to touch Chaucer's tombstone in Poet's Corner in Westminster Abbey, I'm okay with not getting to Canterbury. I'll save that for the next trip. :)


Simon Miller said…
Please come home! ILY
Adrian Roberta said…
*sigh* wouldn't you just LOVE to live in NottingHill.

Looks like such a great Vacation!
Thanks for sharing!

Z group
Ladybug Dragon said…
I went to London for the first time July 7-9. Lots to see. Glad you had a fun time.

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