A couple of funny stories I forgot to share yesterday.
#1. At the orphanage, Gemma's nanny and teacher were giggling and pointing at Gemma. Rebecca said they could tell she's been eating A LOT because of her little belly sticking out. LOL
#2. We were waiting at the medical exam office yesterday. A lady--not known by either of us--comes up to Simon and says, "You're Simon, aren't you? I've been reading your blog. You're famous." Haha!

Today was a planned shopping outing with our group. We were taken by bus to a local shopping mall. It was somewhat similar to western shopping malls; however, the greatest difference is that this mall was made up of hundreds of tiny hole-in-the-wall shops, instead of large department stores. Most of the shops were clothing, jewelry, and luggage/bags.

We went nuts! We bought: pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, a pearl ring; jade bracelets; flip flops for the girls; shoes for the girls; shoes for mom; qi paos for the girls; another suitcase for Gemma to "check" on the trip home...ummm, I'm sure there were other things but I can't remember. It was fun!! And on the whole, items were quite a bit less expensive here. For example, I bought a 16" strand of freshwater white pearls for $75 USD. I think Gemma kind of got into the shopping spirit a bit. :) She better learn to, in this family!!

We went out for a little Pizza Hut lunch after shopping, then we hung out in our room until dinner. For dinner, we went out with our group to a Malaysian restaurant for dinner. It was pretty good. And it only cost about $20 for the 4 of us. Not bad!

Upsidedown girl!

Our Lifeline group

Lambie gets to go shopping, too!

Outside the shopping mall

Gemma insisted on carrying the bag with the "bootlegged," I mean brand new, dvds.

"I want pearls, mama!"

Having a sucker while we wait for pearls.

We wait while the ladies string our necklaces.

Picking out jade for Gemma and me (Gracie got some in Beijing)

Big ol' nasty bug we saw at the mall...blech!

Picking out qi paos for the girls

Do they fit?

Mama's turn for shoes!

New flip flops for the girls (we painted toenails later on)

My friend, Gayly, her precious daughter, and her friend/travel companion. I "met" Gayly online several months ago, and all summer long we kept hoping to be able to travel together. Well, God worked it out, as only he can do! So cool!

Trying our chopsticks out

Little help here!

Gracie and her new friend--Grace--bond over technology.



Martha said…
Ummmmmm.......that would be a COCKROACH!!! :) So glad you got some major shopping done and had a great bonding day with other families. Love you!!
Stephanie said…
Loving all the updates! :) Fun that you got to meet up in real life with people you've "met" online! Gemma looks like she is transitioning well :) Praise Jesus!

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