Good Day

We had a really good day today. It was kind of a lazy day, which we needed! We ate a leisurely breakfast, where we met a family (Lifeliners, like us!) who just adopted a precious chubby bunny little girl from Fuling. That's where Gracie is from! Gracie loved playing with the little baby. :) Then we explored the garden of The Garden Hotel--it is beautiful! Koi ponds galore, with Koi that are bigger than our dog, Dolly! We took some time to check out the hotel pool--very nice!! Then Gracie and I took naps while Simon was busy using several of the gadgets we brought with us. :) We then met with 4 other Lifeline families for dinner. We met, and ate with, a family from Spokane, of all places. They just adopted a 6 y.o. little girl. So cute! They have 2 sons--9th and 7th grade. Very nice boys. After dinner, we ventured out on our own and found a Haagen-Dazs store for some dessert...yum!


And more koi!

Can't get enough of the funny signs!

The sign says, "Mind your head." So, Simon is minding his head!

Feeding some koi.



Nothing like some good old TRNs (Top Ramen noodles--brought from home) for lunch in China.

Nap time!


Roseann D said…
Lambie looks like he is holding up well! Good luck tomorrow!
MotherOfTwo said…
Have a beautiful visit at the orphanage! I will pray that you are given a lot of time to visit at Z and not feel rushed in any way.
Sandra said…
I can't wait to read the rest of your journey! Good luck tomorrow!!!
Stephanie said…
Lambie is looking well rested, as I hope you all are going into your BIG DAY! :)
Vicky said…
Just thinking about you as you prepare for your special moment! I pray that your day is wonderful and I pray for little Gemma as she adjust to all that will be new and wonderful with new forever family!

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