Gotcha Day

Today is a very significant and blessed day for the Millers. Four years ago today God brought our family together in China. In the adoption community the phrase"Gotcha Day" us used to signify when we "got" each other. We had seen a picture of Gracie before traveling to be united with her, but September 9, 2004 was the first day we got to see her and hold her. What a day that was. On our way to the social institute, where we would meet our precious daughter Gracie for the first time, our guide Michael said something I will never forget. He was explaining some last second instructions to us and then he said, "I can feel your hearts beating." I can remember that when we arrived with the other 4 couples in our group, the elevator of the social institute was not big enough for all of us. So all the soon to be dads sent the soon to be moms up first. Ironically ,the precious little girls arrived shortly after the moms began the ride up the elevator. So the dads got the first glimpse of the girls. What an incredible feeling it was to be inches away from the daughter God brought to us yet not be able to hold her yet. Once we got up to the right floor, last second paperwork needed to be done and finally they began calling out our names. The moment we got to receive Gracie into our arms was an absolutely awesome feeling, that words cannot describe. Ever since that day our lives have been incredibly full of love for "Little G." We cannot believe it has been 4 years. God is good.

Since "Gotcha Day" fell on a weeknight this year, and I had a school board meeting, we had a wonderful dinner prepared by Amy followed by a special trip to McDonalds for a Gotcha Day ice cream dessert. It was a wonderful day... just like every day has been since God brought little Gracie into our lives.
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