Summer Project 4

Well, after several months of slacking off the blogosphere, I have finally finished enough outside projects to post a few blog entries. It has been an awesome Summer and we had lots to do and see. The most recent project to get checked off the homeowner list was painting the exterior. Thanks to Bryan Cheney's generosity in letting me use his airless sprayer, we got this done in one day. The trim took another day too. We also got new gutters which is turning out to be more projects in disguise. (more on that later). Anyway, ifI will try to post another picture so you can do a before/after comparison.
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Jean and Scott said…
Your house looks gorgeous!! What a lot of work to get done. But it is great you were able to do it before the bad weather rolled in for winter. Was it hard to settle on a color? We had the worst time. Looks great!
Laura Bush said…
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