Mini Fuling Reunion

I am a bit ashamed to admit I have waited this long to post, but life happens right? When we attended the Idaho State Girls' Basketball Tournament in the Boise area in February, we got to stay with our friend Laurie Roberts. We also got to have dinner and a quick visit with one of Gracie's "Fu"sisters, Marie Freeman. We got the term "Fu Sister" from the original 5 girls who were adopted at the same time from an orphanage in Fuling City, China. Even though our visit was just a short dinner, we had a great time talking and watching the girls interact. Pictures can be found here in our photo album. The Freemans also have another beautiful girl from China named Sarah. We always enjoy traveling to support our school sports teams, but getting to spend time with such great friends such as Laurie and the Freemans makes the trip that much more meaningful. We hope to see them all soon! Gracie already misses her Fu Sister!


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