Blog Slacker

Well, I was on a roll over Christmas Break, but once it was time to return to work, I have not even been able to muster a post per week. But it is not too late. One of the things I need to get past is my tendency to think that all blog posts must have a picture or graphic. So tonight I am getting a post up on the blog, and it really isn't about anything earth shattering or amazing, just a few thoughts. The weather has been downright bitter cold the entire week. We have been enjoying the fireplace in the basement. The wood heat reminds me of when I was growing up at 503 W. Mission and we had an antique wood stove in the kitchen. That thing was amazing. It was a small house, so the wood stove heated it extremely well.

Gracie still continues to grow and learn new things. She still loves music and all the Disney Princesses, but lately she has developed a new interest, the KHS Girls' Basketball Team. She knows most of them by name and even has a few favorites already! The other night Gracie wanted to wear her hair up like "Marissa" who is one of the girls on the team.

We are still just getting to some of Gracie's Christmas gifts. She sure made a haul this year. We now have a "Princess Tent" in the family room in the basement that takes up an entire half of the room. I remember the days when we would spend hours making tents out of blankets and furniture. Now Gracie has a tent in the family room that could sleep 4!


Martha said…
I've been checking back regularly--thanks for posting!! Try to stay warm and kiss that cutie for me! (Gracie, too! :)

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