Christmas: More memories

I have always considered myself very blessed to have such fond memories of Christmas, both of childhood and on into adulthood. The most negative thing I can think of regarding my Christmas experiences was (and still is) my hyper-sensitivity to how fleeting time is. I used to hang on to Christmas for as long as I could, even going as far as creating a little "time capsule" that included a branch from our tree, wrapping paper, and maybe even a gift tag or two.

I remember loving the Holiday season as a kid and immersing myself in the festive anticipation. I loved snow, Christmas lights, Christmas movies, Christmas treats, and most of all, Christmas music. I still remember falling to sleep night after night to the sounds of Bing Crosby and other Christmas classics. My dad had a friend he worked with that would take records and dub them to cassette tape. Speaking of this sort of thing, here are a few of my all time favorite Christmas Movies:

1. White Christmas
2. A Christmas Story
3. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
4. It's A Wonderful Life

And then there is the whole Christmas gift experiences. My parents always sacrificed significantly so that I would have great Christmases. I remember always receiving more than my share of great presents. It never occurred to me until I got older that my parents never bought gifts for each other. They would rather buy things for my sister and me.

I also had a lot of family who established great traditions that also added to my great Christmas experiences. Both sides of my family did great things around Christmastime. So yeah, for lack of a better word or explanation, I have really been blessed. As time goes on, it is challenging, and in some cases impossible to keep some of those traditions. I have always wished I could slow down time!

Now that I am married, I find myself wanting the to give the same thing to my family that I received at Christmastime. I am also blessed again to have such a great wife and "Family-In-Law" to experience Christmas with.

It doesn't matter if it is new traditions, old traditions, or whatever, my memories of Christmas are almost all wonderful. God has been very good to me and my loved ones. And I think Him for the most wonderful gift of all. Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas everyone. Another one has come and gone.


Your post sounds a lot like my Christmas post. I thanked my mom last night because Christmas was always a special time for our family. We certainly are blessed.

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