Flooring Fun!

OK, I fully admit, I have only been at this blogging thing (posting, not reading) for a little over a week now, and I have already slacked off and neglected my posting for more than a week. I will work at doing a better job of posting regularly.

Last weekend, we went shopping for carpet to replace the carpet in our living room and bedrooms. After having the Yooper Floor Covering (Mary and Joe) come give us their expert advice, we decided to go look at carpet and laminate floor covering. After we got back, we decided to take a peek and see what was under that North Carolina Blue carpet and much to our surprise... HARDWOOD Floors! We spent the better part of Saturday night jockeying furniture around so we could pull up the carpet and we were pleasantly surprised at how nice the floor was. Sure there were some minor blemishes from previous carpet installers, but nothing that can't be fixed.

So after a few hours of pulling staples, the living room has an entirely new look!


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