Journey to Gia

The emotional/spiritual journey to Gia began--for me (Amy)--in March 2013. For Simon, it began a couple months later. ;) But the physical journey to Gia begins in just 3 days.

As we prepare for our trip, we find ourselves reflecting on the journey thus far. There is much excitement, yes. But you know what? There is some mourning, too. We are mourning for:
     --the days of our family of 4
     --the days where the routine was predictable and steady
     --the days where we gave our 2 children the attention they so need and deserve

But we're also mourning:
     --the almost 8 years of Gia's life that we have "lost"
     --the lack of a mama (mom) and a baba (daddy) for Gia
     --the lack of attachment and bonding to a family for Gia
     --the overall lack of love in her life

You might think, don't be such a Debbie Downer, Amy! This is a great adventure!

And you are correct. This IS a wonderful adventure. But, as my husband shared at church yesterday, we are scared spitless at some aspects of this journey to Gia. BUT...

We are NOT worried about what's ahead. Because the One who called us to this journey--none other than the Creator of the Universe--is sovereign and faithful, and we trust Him with all our hearts.

We are coming, Gia! And though we don't know exactly where the path of your life merged with ours will lead, we trust the Leader and we will follow Him to the ends of the earth.

Can't wait until we're a family of 5!!


altman5 said…
Excellent post, my friend. Know that I am praying for you all and for your sweet Gia. God is going to do awesome things.
Unknown said…
Love it, so excited for you guys, can't wait to meet Gia!
Unknown said…
That was me, Ken lol

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