Journey To Gia--Day2: Gotcha Day Eve (II)

Both Amy and I said that we weren't going to blog tonight. You see, it is 7PM our time but that is about 4AM back home. I have found that for whatever reason, jet lag is winning so far on this trip, but we are adjusting.

It is hard to believe that just under 3 years ago, we added Gemma Lu to our family. But if you recall, that particular Gotcha Day was a stark contrast from when we met Gracie Faye nearly 10 years ago in Fuling City.
You see, Gemma was 4 and although she had been prepped, she was scared and confused. Even though Amy and I knew the plan, and tried to comfort Gemma, she cried, and kicked, and screamed while I held her tightly. I recently shared in church that it reminded me of God's sovereignty and love for us. You see, we knew that Gemma's life was going to be better; we knew we would keep her safe and she would be loved more than she could imagine. But Gemma didn't know that. She only knew some strangers were taking her away from the only thing she had known her whole life. I have those moments all the time with God. I'm scared, I don't know what is coming next... but this was a reminder that while He is holding me, I often am kicking, and screaming, and resisting. 

So I find myself here, about 12 hours before meeting a little girl that will become our daughter, once again forever changing family. It is quite a juxtaposition of emotions. I now need to practice that trust, despite my fears, and have faith that things will be OK. What will tomorrow bring? There is a lot we don't know, but there is also much that we do know. One thing that I've been thinking about a lot during this trip, is that all of this is the journey, and tomorrow is not the destination, it is just a stop along the way, adding another person to love and share the journey with. Interestingly enough I find myself losing sight of the journey while focusing on milestones or accomplishments. But I think this only robs us of the now, the experience. Experiences that will shape us continually.

Speaking of the journey, I remember when it took Gemma Lu at least 5 or so hours to crack a smile...

But she did....
So here we are on the eve before we meet another precious little girl. And even though this is the 3rd time Amy and I have done this, we are scared, but not worried. We are sad because we know that Gia will mourn losing her caregivers and orphanage mates. But we know that much promise and unconditional love awaits Gia Pearl. We get little reminders every day. Like last night when the bellhop delivered our bags and looked at our girls and said in broken English "how old?" We said 10 and 7 using our fingers, as if that would make our English any easier to understand. Obviously at a loss for words, the gentleman merely said "so lucky" as he looked into our girls' eyes. Yes, yes indeed. 

So as we fight jet-lag and anxious anticipation, I will close with a little photo trail from today. We rode in a bullet train which was a fun experience. 

Blanket Forts, Hotel Edition

Beijing Bullet Train Station! 

The girls reading while waiting for the train. Gracie studying Star Wars characters

Aboard the bullet train #gohawks 

Shijiazhuang Train Station Terminal. It is huge! Looks like a Sand Crawler

Having dinner with our new friends. 


Tish said…
wonderful words!
Tish said…
wonderful words!

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