Journey to Gia: Day 8--A Post of Pictures

We don't have a lot to say or report in this post, as today was a very relaxing day. It consisted of sleeping in, eating a hearty breakfast, swimming in the pool, eating in for lunch, some QT (quiet time), and a dinner with a LARGE group of friends. Enjoy the pictures. :)

Gia Chunyu LOVES to color and draw.

Chinese cartoons, anyone?


Looking at the garden of the Garden Hotel from our apartment window.

We think it's supposed to read "raisin" bread. LOL

Skyping with Grandma and Grandpa Peterson

The world's most well-fed koi

QT (quiet time)--someone fell asleep

Our large agency group gathers in the hotel lobby to head to dinner together.

The lollipop/floral centerpiece is in honor of Children's Day--June 1st.

Where are we??

Enjoying our after dinner treats


See you tomorrow!!


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