Journey to Gia--Day 2: Gotcha Day Eve

We rode a bullet train to Gia's hometown of Shijiazhuang today. I had many emotions as we rode faster and faster and closer and closer to my daughter. It is surreal to know that she is so close and we'll get to see her so 14.5 hours, to be exact. I found myself with nervous butterflies the closer we got to SJZ. I also found tears welling up in my eyes. Sadness gripped my heart...sadness that Gia's entire life is about to change. And while I know that it is of God and it is GOOD, she will not know that right away. There will be nothing I can do or say to help ease her pain until she decides to trust us, even just a little. I pray that she will do that sooner rather than later. Will you pray that with me?

My next post will be all about Gotcha Day.

Only 1 more sleep to Gia!!!


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