Grace Like Rain...

This phrase came to me today. After about a week of struggle, I am exhausted. Simon asked if I was feeling sick. I replied, "No. I'd just like one day without a Gemma meltdown."

Truth is...I've had more meltdowns than Gemma has.

In fact, the other day after a particularly frustrating meltdown, I begged the Lord's forgiveness, and told him that I needed a spanking. (I think I heard him chuckle.)

Anyway, yes, there are struggles with Gemma. But mostly, they're struggles that a normal, average, 5-year-old-with-a-stubborn-streak has.

Today, I was transported back to August 15, 2011--Gemma's Gotcha Day. I looked through our blog archives and found my post from that day. More than the post, the pictures spoke to me. And I mean spoke to me. So much so, that I had to run to the restroom (I was at school, mind you) because I was BAWLING.

God reminded me right then and there of ALL that Gemma has gone through and overcome. From that first day of extreme today, Gemma is an overcomer.

And it's all because of HIS grace. Grace like rain.

So, because HIS grace is sufficient for a frightened 4-year-old who's been thrust into a new family and has overcome WITH GREAT JOY AND SUCCESS all that has ensued, his GRACE is sufficient for me and my meltdowns.

Praise God.

"And hallelujah,
Grace Like Rain falls down on me
And hallelujah,
And all my stains are washed away -
They're washed away..."


Tammy said…
Love this Amy!!!!!! GRAET post


Judy Deaton said…
I feel your pain my dear! and your exhaustion! And I too need that spanking! Thanks for the reminder:) Hugs from one tired mom to another.
Roseann D said…
Deep breaths, take a self-time out when needed, and hang onto that sense of humor! Gemma is like a butterfly, slowly and fearfully emerging from her cocoon. She will continue to overcome! Hopefully more quietly ;-)
quilt'n-mama said…
Oh friend, how I relate right now! Prayed for you and wished we lived closer!

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