End of Summer 2012

On this first-day-of-school-eve, I thought I better get up some pictures of the last few weeks of our summer vacation. It truly was a GREAT summer--lots of lake time, lots of family time, and of course, the trip of a lifetime for me!
Gemma's Gotcha Day after dinner picture.

Grand Coulee Dam

The whole "dam" family (LOL)

Beautiful girls in beautiful Leavenworth, WA.

More beautiful Leavenworth
Honeymoon Lane--on our actual honeymoon 18 years ago...
Honeymoon Lane--now
Happy Anniversary to us!
Go Vandals!!


Simon Miller said…
ILY! So glad to get to be on this "journey" with you. XO
Anonymous said…
Okay, I will admit that when I saw your FB post about waiting for the 'dam tour' I thought you being impatient. But then as an English teacher I realized that you wouldnt misspell 'damn'. :-)
Adrian Roberta said…
I love the 'then' & 'now' photos! So cool to be able to be in that same spot (-:

So glad your 'dam' family in apart of our Z group family! LOL
quilt'n-mama said…
Looks like an awesome end to the summer!
Hope heading back to school has been great so far this week!

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