England: London, Day 2

Today was quite a day for us. We gave each other high 5s when we finally got back to our hotel. We: maneuvered the London subway (tube) very successfully; we took a cruise down the Thames River; we toured the Tower of London; we toured and walked across the Tower Bridge; we rode the London Eye; and (highlight of the day)...we saw Big Ben. Ahhh. I took so many pictures today that my camera battery ran out. Forgive the plethora of pics in this post...there was just SO MUCH to see, I couldn't even take enough photos. (I had some technical difficulties, so I didn't get as many photos uploaded as I wished.)

I don't know the history, but this is the Marble Arch, across the street from our hotel. The nearest tube station is called "Marble Arch."

The London Eye

Big Ben! (The name "Big Ben" is actually the name of the bell in the top of the clock tower.)
St. Paul's Cathedral

London City Hall (it cost $52 million to build)

This interesting looking building is called The Gherkin
The Tower Bridge with the Olympic Rings. (We got to go up in it!)
The Tower of London--a place of history, torture, and the Crown Jewels
This is looking through a helmet that a medieval knight would have worn. The two bluish slits are the eye holes. This helmet would have weighed close to 15 pounds. Could you have been a knight?
The Tower of London from the top of the Tower Bridge.
The Globe Theater! It is actually a likeness of the original Globe. It's the only building in London allowed to have a thatched roof.
Big Ben and the Parliament Buildings from high in the sky on the London Eye.


Adrian Roberta said…
Amy, it sounds like you are having a great time! wow!


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