England: Bath

Today I had the opportunity to travel to Bath, England.  Aside from the famous Roman baths, this is the venue for two of Jane Austen's novels, as well as the place where she lived and wrote.
This is St. John's Cathedral--the first sight getting off the train in Bath.

This is the gorgeous Bath Abbey. Lovely!

Cool street in Bath.

Cobblestone houses

Jane Austen lived in this exact house for 6 weeks in 1799.

Jane's temporary residence in Bath in 1799.

Here I stand with a faux Jane in front of the Jane Austen Museum.

Martha shows off some Regency accessories.

This is our Regency tea at the Tea Room in the Jane Austen Museum.

Here's a real gentleman greeter alongside the faux Jane.

This is a beautiful circle of homes--featured in the movie "Persuasion."

This is the Royal Crescent--the first of its kind in the world when it was built. It overlooks the Avon Valley. It's also featured prominently in "Persuasion."

Here, I read Pride and Prejudice in a Georgian garden.

The Avon River

A view of Bath abbey from the Roman Baths.

I'm contemplating taking a dip in the bath.

The famous Pump Room.


Amy, I'm "eating up" every single picture. Amazing! Thanks for posting them!
Simon Miller said…
Awesome pics and explanations! I'm sure your future students will appreciate all the work and research you are doing to enhance their learning!
Anonymous said…
Oh, as soon as my daughter wakes up, I'm showing her this post!!! We are HUGE Jane fans and HUGE Persuasion fans!!!
She hopes to travel to England someday. This post will inspire her. Thanks for sharing.

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