End of the School Year "Stuff"

We had a VERRY busy spring this year. In fact, I'm not one to wish for time to pass quickly, but I really wish May would have gone by at light speed a little bit faster than it did. Anyway, it's over and done with, and we all survived. Here are some of May's highlights (and a couple from June, but who's keeping track?)

Gracie played the role of "Private Dachshund" (how appropriate since we're dachshund owners!) in her school's production of "Arf."
She let me color her doggy nose, but she didn't want to wear the weiner dog ears I made for her.
Gracie finished out her first year of Brownies with the Girl Scouts. She's saying the Girl Scout pledge here.

Gracie holds her goody bag with all the patches she earned. We'll have to add them to her sash.

Here she is in front of the Scout house in Kellogg.

Both Gracie and Gemma participated in the Junior Golf Tournament at Pinehurst Golf Course. The last day was a competition for all the kids, including putting, chipping, and driving. Gracie and Gemma were in the "little girls" group.

Gracie putts as Gemma waits her turn.

Gemma tries to chip it in!


Gemma's attempt at a drive. You can see her ball just under and to the left of her club head. It traveled maybe 10 yeards. :)

Time to enjoy lunch after some stiff competition!

Gemma placed 11th (out of 11) with 6 total points! For her first time on a golf course in competition?? Not too shabby at all!!!

Gracie moved up from 8th place last year to 3rd this year! Way to go, Gracie!!!

So proud of my girls!!!


Vicky said…
Congratulations to both girls! What a great opportunity!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations also to two golfers and to two very involved parents!

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