I remember reading in Our Daily Bread on Gemma's Gotcha Day how the whole earth--all of creation--is God's embroidery for us--also His creation--to enjoy. I remember thinking about embroidery on that Gotcha Day--which seems So.Long.Ago. On that day, God was "knitting" our family together by adding 1 more to it. Since then, and every day from here until He returns, he will continue to "knit" us together as a family and to "knit" us together with other believers as part of His family.

Part of this "knitting together" took place on Sunday, November 6, 2011--Orphan Sunday. On that day, we celebrated the fact that there was ONE LESS ORPHAN in the world. We dedicated Gemma to Jesus on that day, and by so doing, we entrust Gemma to Him. We believe that he will "knit" her into our family as well as into His family. We trust that He will "bridge the gap" for her as she grows, matures, and may have questions about her abandonment and adoption. We trust Him to use us to shape, mold, and guide her to becoming the woman of God that she is destined to become.

Another awesome quality of "embroidery" on that Orphan Sunday was the fact that there were 2 other families in the congregation that day whose adoptions were imminent. In fact, one of those families leaves in less than a week to adopt their daughter. How exciting! What a tapestry God is weaving! And we get to be a part of it...extraordinary!!!


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