Annual Trip to Greenbluff

Cousins eat pumpkins doughnuts while sitting on a bale of hay. Is there anything better?

Gracie rides the pony named Gracie.

Petting the horsies.

Taking a hay ride.


Riding in the "Little Toot."

Owen tried to be brave, but he decided to watch the girls instead.

Picking our pumpkins.

Caramel apple sundae. Yum!

Ending the day with a bit of coloring and follow the leader at Red Robin.


Vicky said…
Looks like a fun day!
quilt'n-mama said…
Looks like an awesome day and that sweet Gemma is fitting right in!
Judy Deaton said…
Hi Amy! I love following your journey with Gemma:) Your girls are both just beautiful. Would love to know how you are doing now that she's been home a couple of months. How are the girls doing? What to expect, what is harder than you thought, what is easier.....etc.:) Was also wondering what size of clothes Gemma wears, she looks about the same size as our Da Yu. Is she 4 or 5? Could you email me?

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