One Month and First Day

First day of preschool. The backpack is "The Pleasant Goat" from China.

Today marks the one-month anniversary of our entrance back into the USA and Gemma's citizenship day (still waiting for her certificate of citizenship). Boy were we glad to get home that day!! And all of our family waiting for us at the airport also made it a wonderful homecoming!

Today was also Gemma's first day of preschool. I attended with her, and she only stayed for half a day, but I think she really enjoyed it. We're going to ease into the preschool thing: M-W-F half days this week. Then maybe M-W-F full days next week. Then hopefully M-F full days the week after that, so that by the time I go back to work, she'll be fully acclimated to preschool life.

Moving sidewalk at Hong Kong Int'l Airport.

My friend Gayly and I say good-bye at Narita airport.

Lambie was a great traveler.

Gemma decided to fall asleep as we descended into Seattle. This is how she did it.



Vicky said…
Amy, I cannot get over how great you look after that long flight! I pray that preschool goes well for Gemma.
Amy said…
Oh, Vicky! Thank you! I think it's called adrenaline. :)

Thank you for your prayers for Gemma!!!

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