First Day of School

It has finally arrived...the dreaded (for kids anyway) first day of school. Gracie was up in the middle of the night last night. "Mommy, I can't sleep. I keep having bad thoughts." That's Gracie-speak for, "I'm nervous about the first day of school." She got up alright this morning, though. Simon made her Mickey Mouse pancakes, by request. She got to wear a new outfit, and carry a new messenger bag and a new lunch box. When we finally got to school, she was a little bummed, because she didn't get the teacher she wanted, and she doesn't really know her teacher, as she taught the "big kids" last year. Also, she didn't have very many of her special friends in the same class. We told her that God put her in this class with this teacher for a very special reason. She got a little teary-eyed when we said goodbye, but I'm pretty sure she'll have oodles to share with us when she comes home today. :) I just LOVE this girl!!!


Vicky said…
I sure hope Gracie has a wonderful first day with lots of new friends!

How are things going? Is Gemma doing well? She sure looks cute in her pictures next to her big sister!
Adrian Roberta said…
Oh, such a big day! I hope Gracie enjoyed it!
Judy Deaton said…
Amy, so fun to see Gracies first day of school. How did Gemma do at home by herself? Is she learning lots of English words? Your little girls are so adorable:)

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