Today is THE day

Nearly 7 years ago, Simon and I sat in a van riding to the Civil Affairs Office in Chongqing to meet Gracie for the first time. We were pretty quiet on that ride--anticipating what the next moments, days, weeks, and years would be like. I'm sure our hearts were beating wildly! In fact, our guide, Michael, broke into our silence and said, "I can hear your heart beat."

Can you hear my heart beat today?

Gemma's bed is all ready to go!

This is our "to do" list for Gotcha Day. I especially like #8. :)


Laurie said…
I can hardly keep my emotions together just reading your blogs this week. Happy, blessed Gotcha Day to all four of you!
Ruth Ross said…
Happy Gotcha Day!! It has FINALLY arrived. Yay! Heaven will be rejoicing today for sure! Love you guys :)
Roseann D said…
OH YES! Take lots of pictures! Congratulations, and don't forget your wipers for your happy tears!
I can hear your heart beat from here! Congratulations and much love to your growing family!
Tina said…
Happy Gotcha Day! Love to read your blog!
Adrian Roberta said…
I can hear your heart beat Girl (-:

You already have her by now!!!

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