My Girls

While I type this blog entry, my 2 girls are napping and sleeping peacefully as we are now less than 24 hours away from being united with our precious Gemma Lu. Those of you who know me well, if you are already imagining a tear or two running down my cheek, you would be correct. I just spent the morning with my 2 girls, eating, enjoying our scenic hotel grounds, and then swimming in the pool. It was such a wonderful time as I was able to soak in how much I love them both. I think the picture below does a good job illustrating this next chapter in our journey as a family.

We've ridden through the streets of Beijing, climbed The Great Wall, seen the Forbidden City and many, many other wonderful life changing endeavors. You can't take a trip like this and not have the experience change you yet also reaffirm who you are and what you believe.  As the time now approaches, we are all anxious, and maybe even a little scared, but our hearts overflow abundantly with love for each other and expectantly for our Gemma as we get closer and closer to being forever united.

Right now, I type out this note as a meager attempt to put my feelings into words, but I cannot even begin to describe the love, admiration, and inspiration I feel towards Amy as I've seen how indescribably strong, determined, and devoted she has been throughout this entire journey. Since starting this process over 4 years ago, we've faced frustration, difficulties, delays, confusion, and fatigue, yet Amy has not wavered one bit. She's been faithful and courageous even in times when I was not. Her commitment and resolve to be united with this little girl is like nothing I've ever seen. Right up until this very moment I continue to see her undying love and determination to finally unite with our Gemma forever.

And then there is my Gracie Faye, "Little G." (about to become "Big G.") She has also longed faithfully for her "little sister" for as long as she can remember. Today at breakfast we met a couple from Alabama who just adopted a 16 month girl from....Fuling City (Chongqing), which is the very place we met Gracie. It was a surreal moment as we watched the little chubby cheeked girl interacting with her new mommy and daddy. I looked over at Gracie and she was brimming with love and contentment. It was at that moment that things came full circle with my emotions! Gracie too has been such a patient, loving, and brave little girl right up until this very moment. My love for my little girl, Gracie is boundless and vast and she will always be my "Little Goose."

I am so incredibly blessed by these two girls in my life that I simply cannot fathom my life without them, for they are my life. Likewise, I'm already unable to imagine what our lives would be like without the little girl we will meet tomorrow. Our journey, (both the last 7 years as well as the last 4 days) thus far has prepared our hearts for our newest family member, and my newest girl, Gemma Lucille Sanhui Miller.

I'm so blessed and thankful to God for "My Girls."


Roseann D said…
That is a beautiful post. Counting your blessings, and adding a new one! We are all praying and hoping that your first meeting with Gemma goes well, and that Gracie and Gemma have a great first day together. I have been checking your blog/FB like a crazy stalker! Best of luck on Gemma's transition to the Miller family!
Ruth Ross said…
Thank you for sharing your heart with us. You DO have amazing girls! I am so thankful that my sister and niece have YOU! And now little Gemma will finally be surrounded by arms of love, faithfulness and joy, with you all and make The Miller 4 complete. God is Good!
Vicky said…
That was beautiful! How blessed they are to have you as their husband and daddy! Seems like a perfect match in every way! Praying for you as the hours count down to your Gotcha moment!
Adrian Roberta said…
What a loving, well spoken post about your love for Amy and Big 'G'. You're a good Daddy (-:

mom to another Gemma (-:
Heather said…
What a tear jerker!! A beautiful post that will be treasured forever, I'm sure.

I'm loving reading your blog - you have all done a fabulous job of documenting this incredible journey.

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